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About Us

The REALIZE Board Training Program

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation, in partnership with the United Way of El Paso County, is a BoardSource certified program that ensuring the success of nonprofit organizations that serve our communities. Through BoardSource workshops, training and summits, the REALIZE Board Training is assuring all nonprofit board of directors are fully prepared to undertake their critical responsibilities. 

The REALIZE Board Training Program is an affiliated grant of the REALIZE Executive Leadership Initiative. Click here to learn more about how the program.

Certification Matters

The REALIZE Board Training Program and its trainers are certified by BoardSource. BoardSource is the recognized leader in nonprofit board leadership research, leadership, and support. Their mission is to inspire and support nonprofit boards and executives to lead justly and with purpose.

BoardSource provides tools, resources, and research data to increase board effectiveness and strengthen organizational impact, and serve as the national voice for inspired and effective board leadership.

The REALIZE Board Training Experience

With research and pilot trainings to develop a strong REALIZE experience, the Health Foundation developed a custom board leadership program. Through the help of thoughtful consultants, the REALIZE Board Training Program emerged to help change good leaders into "transformational leaders" for the benefit of the region's health. 

Individuals who participate in the training program will learn to: 

  • Acquire skills, behaviors, and competencies necessary to positively impact the population  

  • Manage board meetings (agendas, board minutes and more)

  • Build a strong and healthy relationship with CEOs 

  • Understand legal, ethical, and financial roles for board

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