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About Our Trainings

The REALIZE Board Training Program is a partnership program between The Paso del Norte Health Foundation and United Way of El Paso County. Its goal is to strengthen nonprofit board members' governance capacity by offering training across El Paso and Southern New Mexico. 

As a result, there will be more qualified board members prepared to undertake their critical governance responsibilities and to promote the success of nonprofit organizations that serve the Paso del Norte Region. There are eight courses, each course is about one hour long.


Course 1: Roles and Responsibilities of Individual Board Members

  • This lesson will help increase understanding of the duties, responsibilities and expectations of individual board members. ​

Course 2: Essential Functions of a Nonprofit Board

  • This lesson will improve understanding of the three major responsibilities of a nonprofit board: setting direction, ensuring necessary resources, and providing oversight.

Course 3: Building a Board Cycle and Structure 

  • This lesson will explain the phases of the board cycle, review the board structure, and share board committee best practices.  

Course 4: Effective Board Meetings and the Board Leadership Partnership 

  • This lesson will focus on the major components of an effective board meeting, including tools for building efficient meeting agendas and the important partnership between the Board Chair and the Executive Director 

Course 5: Fundraising Fundamentals 

  • This lesson will explain a variety of sources of revenue a nonprofit can consider, the fundamentals of nonprofit fundraising and how board and staff can work together to cultivate donors. 

Course 6: The Board's Role in Fiscal Oversight and Accountability

  • This lesson will increase understanding when reviewing the audit and financial statements such as income and expense statements, balance sheets, and cash analysis. 

Course 7: The Board's Fiscal Responsibility 

  • This lesson will help explain principles for drafting an annual operating budget, the importance of dashboards, and understanding the IRS Form 990. 

Course 8: Nonprofit Fiscal Policies and Procedures 

  • This lesson will share tools and resources on policies and procedures for conflict of interests, gift acceptance, expense reimbursement, whistleblower protection, and other important policies. 

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