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Types of 


Individual Organization Training 

Receive personalized nonprofit board training led by local BoardSource certified trainers based on your organization's needs. 



Lunch & Learn Series 


This series features a foundational set of courses that build upon each other throughout the year. The Lunch & Learn Series curriculum offers eight courses led by local BoardSource certifies trainers, 1-hour long each, focused on understanding board member roles and responsibilities as well as nonprofit board structures and fundraising. 




The REALIZE Board training program is offered to the Young Leaders Society (YLS) twice a year as an initiative to increase the involvement of young professionals on nonprofit governing boards. The training is taught by local BoardSource certified trainers. YLS is United Way's donor network for young professionals developing the next generation of philanthropic and civic leaders. 

Get On Board  

The Get On Board program connects young professionals who graduate from REALIZE Board Training with established, regional nonprofits. The goal is to match young professionals to nonprofits in need of new board members. 

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